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A certificated gemmologist will customise your pearl/gemstone jewellery in the same day

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Our story

Lucy&Roise Jewellery offers unique, exciting, exclusive, cutting-edge designs and craftsmanship with affordable prices. Our top-quality products provide outstanding trendy accessories for fashionable women.


To provide confidence and style to all women whatever their age mindset, our unique products will help them achieve whatever they want to do in life and shape who they want to be!

CORPORATE CULTURE: fashionable, friendly, accountable, and positive

Roise has been involved in jewellery and fashion industry for over 10 years and as a gemmologist and a pearl grader, she has a precise attitude to choose the pearl and gemstone, trying to provide the fashion and beautiful jewellery is her goal.

Her passion for this industry commenced overseas in her native land. Following in depth research, she launched her first retail outlet “LUCY & ROISE Jewellery”, in November 2016 at Eastlands Shopping Centre, Melbourne.

LUCY & ROISE Jewellery`s signature products are created with pearl, gemstones and silver which are carefully selected and imported from around the world.

The unique pearl pieces are designed by Roise and manufactured in Australia. Silver and costume items are manufactured overseas.

Clients can order customised pearl jewellery and silver jewellery or choose from our range of ready-to-wear hand made products. LUCY & ROISE`s fashion lines also include high quality costume jewellery.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is promoting respect for the environment and concern the women’s health.